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You Are Designed to Thrive

... but how do you thrive when everything around you is in constant flux and upheaval?

We are living in wild times full of fear, tension, and contradiction. The past two years have impacted everyone in unique personal ways. The pandemic sent our nervous systems into a collective and individual holding pattern of survival stress. Many are still waiting for the great 'sigh' of relief to wash over them. And, in all of this, life goes on.

The Common Denominator is Fear ...

Humans are being asked to do the impossible: Manage the stressors of day-to-day life which is already overwhelming for many, in addition to handling the chronic stress imposed by the pandemic and all that has followed. 

Feelings of deep insecurity about the future might be creeping in and some of you might have stopped dreaming; hope can feel like an empty concept.

In states of chronic survival stress it is hard to imagine that flourishing is even a possibility; just getting by is often good enough.

Holding the Question...

How do you thrive when stuck in survival stress?

If you are anything like me, I was waiting for something outside of me to change and I felt trapped by the circumstances of life. I was beholden to my fear and prisoner of my mind. The Flowing Fears Process and the Fearlessly Thriving Masterclass were born from working with these questions:

  • When everything outside of you is chaotic and full of fear, how do you remain steady?
  • How do you stay above water when emotions are running wild?
  • How do we bio hack our survival system?

Hi, Nice to Meet You...

Jennifer Summerfeldt


Jennifer holds an MA in counselling psychology and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor. She holds 20+ years of experience within the fields of maternal and childbirth health, psychology, and consciousness studies. She is passionate about finding ways to heal and thriving in life. Located in Canada, she uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on nervous informed care, maternal mental health, and healing. Jennifer is the author of Healing After Birth and Midwifery for The Soul and has been published in numerous magazines, blogs, and podcasts. Jennifer is a proud mother of two adult sons, a teen daughter, and three adult step-sons. When asked what she is most proud of, she often says: ‘Finding my way through my healing journey, all the while, raising amazing humans and thriving in marriage’.

What To Expect...

This FREE live masterclass walks you through a story that seeks to inspire and inform so you can step towards your thriving life

  • Uncover ancient wisdom within your biology that wants to thrive

  • Discover 4 protective patterns that prevent you from thriving

  • Identify where you are on your thriving journey (hint there are 4 stages)

  • Insight into a unique approach to help you step into your thriving life

Bonus Material

When you register for this masterclass event you will also receive ...

  • A Module from Fearlessly Thriving Foundation Course


    Access to Module Two: Connecting to Your Inner Community. Tune into the vibrant world within with the help of guided audios, reflective exercises, and meditations.

  • Your Inner Compass E-Book


    A prequel to Midwifery For The Soul manuscript, this short but deep e-book was designed to help you identify where you are on your healing journey.

  • Beautiful PDF Journal Worksheets


    After registering you will receive your first Journal Worksheet to get you started! A recording of the event will be emailed to you. So don't worry if you miss it!

Is This You?

Can you say yes to any ONE of these statements...

  • You are seeking for a new way to deal with your emotional overwhelm

  • You are on a healing journey and talk therapy is no longer working

  • You hold space as a healer, coach, therapist, or birth worker

  • You are a parent and you are burdened by the uncertainty of these times

This Is NOT For You If...

  • You are in acute trauma or grief and need immediate help

  • You are in an abusive situation and need immediate help

  • You are looking for traditional therapy or treatment methods

  • You believe that there is no way to change without changing the outer environment (ie., people, circumstances, places, events, systems etc).

What Others Have Said...

After attending an event or workshop with Jennifer

“The Flowing Fears Process was very gentle and felt like it came from a place of love and nurturing. Each moment of tension was met with a response and understanding, and the process really did feel as if it was flowing like a gentle current and expanding into a sea of rich meaning and potential.”


“The Flowing Fears Process reminds me that the answers we seek, the relief, the guidance we long for, is truly present in our body and can be reached and contacted; the pearl we seek can be found. And what a joy to dive in together, to have a companion in deep waters where most of the time you were so afraid or disconnected to notice this subtle dialogue that is present."”


“I'm so deeply appreciative of the workshop. Working with Jennifer is giving you not only a deep knowledge about yourself and human beings, but also gives you a unique tool to dive deep and heal yourself. I'm so appreciative of this experience.”


“​​Firstly it was a real privilege to be able to attend and participate in your workshop. Jennifer has a way that allows vulnerability and authenticity to be shared in a safe way where one feels heard and genuinely cared about. The sharing of her wisdom, knowledge and experiences invites us to really feel hopeful and inspired that we can create the change we are looking for in our own lives .”


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