Are You A Mother or Pregnant Person...

Who is looking for therapeutic support specific to challenges related to fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

Are You Losing Stamina & Hope?

We are living in wild times full of fear, tension, and contradiction. Are you being faced with an ethical and soulful dilemma as you face health mandates that go against your moral compass. If you are living with this psychological struggle and seeking support to navigating your fears so you can stay true to your heart and soul, you are in the right place.

Are You A Soul in Search of Wisdom and Truth?

If so, you are a seeker. There are many guides along the path that help us to find our way through dark, initiatory, or confusing times. As a Midwife for The Soul I walk along side you when you find yourself stuck or trapped in a pattern. Think of it as a form of intuitive soul guidance.