Can You Answer the Following Questions?

Are you a therapist who works with moms or parents in the pre and postpartum period? If yes, how childbirth-informed are you? What has informed you about the birthing culture?

  • What is the history of midwifery and obstetrical care?

  • What are the different paradigms of birth and how do they inform a clients decision?

  • Can you name your biases? And, what informed your biases?

  • How did your client's birthing experience impact their postpartum experience?

Steps To Becoming a Childbirth and Nervous System Informed Perinatal Professional

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Course curriculum

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    4. Course Orientation

    1. Childbirth Landscape

    1. When Did Birth Become Political?

    1. The Big Three

    1. Obstetrical Violence to Birth Trauma

    1. Putting It All Together

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