Dear Soul Seeker

Are you a soul in search of wisdom and truth but find yourself stuck or trapped in a similar pattern?

Healing is hard work, period and these are indeed initiatory times. Taking charge of your mental, emotional, and soul health is a big undertaking. And, sometimes we lose sight and forget why we are working so hard and find ourselves making statements that sound like… 

  • Why am I still working so hard? 
  • Why does it seem like nothing has shifted? 
  • Why am I still stuck in fear, anger, or grief?
  • Why am I still relationally challenged?
  • Why does life feel meaningless and flat? 

As a Seeker I know you have been on this path for some time now, sifting and sorting through the inner debris. Like me, you have probably seen different healers and guides along the way. 

Maybe, you find yourself repeating similar patterns that result in a negative loop. 

I call this loop: Life’s holding pattern. 

Do you ever feel like something still feels ‘off’ even after a healing session? As if something was lifted but within a few days or weeks that ‘thing’ that you are struggling with creeps in again and clouds that ‘good’ feeling. 

Are you ready for change? Keep reading...

The Deep Dive Signature System

Who Is It For?

This program is perfect for a SOUL who...

  • Has tried other forms of therapy
  • Is seeking soul-level healing
  • Is not in immediate danger or crisis
  • Is open to a an embodied approach
  • Wants to work with a guide
  • Has resources to invest in their healing

The Deep Dive Signature System is ideal for beautiful souls who want to learn a map, a template, that can be eventually used as a self-directed process to help shift out of limiting states of being.

A Story of Initiation and The Birth of The Deep Dive System ...

It all came together after I was hit by a trauma trigger.

I was spiralling out of control fast and hard. Within minutes I was in the dark abyss of self-loathing and being swallowed by the inner ‘Monster’. It had been a long while since I had been taken down in this way, grappling with the despairing dark thoughts that immobilize me. 

There I was leaning on the kitchen counter, watching myself sink into the pit of inner hell (the place I wrote about in Midwifery For The Soul). My husband stood watch, powerless to save me from my inner demons. 

This time, however, I did something different.

And, that ‘thing’ I did marks the birth of the Deep Dive System. 

That ‘thing’ I did was VERY different than anything else I had done in the past. And, it required all of my energy and attention. I summoned all of my knowledge about trauma to the forefront and started to take charge of my trauma spiral in a very specific way. 

That ‘way’ became the 10 steps outlined in the Deep Dive System. 

I attuned my attention to what I was doing to regain composure and to stop the slippery slope. I willed myself to do something different. 

And the best part is that it worked! I managed to pull myself out of the inner dungeon within 30 minutes. 

Because it worked so well, I was inspired to share this process with my clients. 

And so, I started to incorporate the 10 Step Deep Dive System into my private practice with results! 

The Deep Dive System is a tangible map that can help you in those moments when you are stuck or sidetracked by life's triggers. 

Meet Your Soulful Guide

Jennifer Summerfeldt


Jennifer is a trauma-informed clinical counsellor with 20 years of experience in the field of maternal health and psychology studies. Jennifer holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology and certificates in Trauma Recovery and Grief Support Counselling. Jennifer is the author of two published books: Healing After Birth and Midwifery for The Soul. As the CEO (Chief Empathy Officer) of ASK Therapy for Moms, Jennifer spends most of her time mentoring her team of perinatal mental health therapists. She is a mother of two young adult sons and a teen daughter. Jennifer loves to be inspired by the beautiful of the natural world.

The SOULFUL Benefits

The Deep Dive System is healing balm for your SOUL helping you stay on track in your search for wisdom and truth

  • Regain your centre when pushed off course

  • Stabilize an activated nervous system

  • Access core limiting beliefs 

  • Release stuck emotional material 

  • (L)EARN how to hold space for your healing

  • Connect to your SOUL territory

The Deep Dive Signature System

What you will learn...

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A warm hello...

    • A few important things to know before you start

    • Check list to get started

    • Coaching Agreement

    • Your Internal Compass: Navigating Life's Chaos - Bonus e-book

    • Mindfulness for beginners

  • 2

    Review - The Healing Paradigm Video Series

    • Understanding Imprints and Programs

    • Core Limiting Beliefs

    • Window of Tolerance and Toxic Stress Load

    • Expanding Consciousness

    • Blowing Open the Heart and Changing Perceptions

  • 3

    Phase One: Setting the Foundation

    • Intro video

    • Deep Dive Full Program Workbook

    • Video about 'tapping' and inner resource development

    • Developing inner resources

    • Butterfly hug, Tapping, and EMDR

    • Calm place guided exercise

    • BONUS gift - Binaural sound meditation

  • 4

    Phase One: Finding Your Anchor

    • Intro video

    • Reflective exercises

    • Chart on the dysregulation of the nervous system

    • Flipping the lid explanation

    • Getting Rooted - Guided exercises

    • Elevated emotions list

    • Feelings Inventory List

    • Needs Inventory List

  • 5

    Phase Two: Building Your Inner Community

    • Introduction - Belonging and our inner community

    • Reflective exercises

    • Building your inner community

    • Round table exercises

    • Inner child journey

    • Exploring your inner community - Exercise

    • A Love Letter - Reflective exercise

  • 6

    Phase Three: Deep Dive Signature System

    • Intro video

    • Reflective exercises

    • 10 Step Process: How To Get Into Your Heart and Out of Your Head

    • Deep Dive Guided Process - Audio

    • The 10 Step Process Worksheet

    • Byron Katie and The Work - In practice

    • Handout - Universal beliefs list

    • One belief at a time worksheet - The Work

    • Setting Intentions - Changing Beliefs, Changing Perceptions

  • 7

    Phase Three: Building Resilience

    • Introduction to resilience

    • Reflective exercises

    • Conflict Resolution Style - QUIZ

    • The Divided Brain - Video

    • Heart centred living and resilience - HeartMath Institute Video

    • The three brains meditation

    • Building healthy brains for mental health

    • Joe Dispenza - The Three Brains

    • How to build healthy brains

    • The resilient brain

  • 8

    Phase Four: Heart Centred Living

    • Introduction to heart centred living

    • Heart Harmonizing Meditation

    • Reflective exercises

    • Science of the heart - Video

    • Mysteries of the heart - Video

    • Heart Coherence - Video

    • Social Coherence - Video

    • Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance - HeartMath Institute

    • Ram Dass reflections on the mind video

    • Conscious movement exercise

  • 9

    Phase Four: Activated Living

    • Introduction to closing the gap

    • Witnessing self - Guided meditation

    • Reflective exercises

    • Unlock your full potential - Video

    • Living your dream life - Reflective exercise

    • Zone of genius - Exercise

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...Would you leave me a testimonial?

Included In the Deep Dive Signature System

As part of the soul coaching package you not only receive 9 comprehensive modules for deeper discovery, you also receive the following:

  • Four 60 Minute Deep Dive 1:1 Private Sessions with Jennifer

    $800 value (CAD)

    You receive 1:1 soulful guidance with Jennifer as she walks along side to help facilitate deeper investigation into your interior world. These sessions are conducted over the phone or video.

  • A Signed Copy of Midwifery for The Soul

    $20 value (CAD)

    As a gift, I will personally mail you a signed copy of Midwifery for The Soul: Awaken to your Fierce Feminine in the Depths of Darkness and Trauma.

  • Discount for LIVE Events

    $50 value

    As a member of this SOUL tribe, you will receive a discount code for any LIVE events or retreats, or you can use the code for future program purchases.

Words From Deep Dive Clients ...

“I find I am able to drop deeply into connection with Jennifer (she always starts the session with a grounding and connecting exercise), and for me the lack of physical proximity has not affected my ability to open up and speak from my heart - if anything, it has focused and enhanced that ability.  I believe that the gifts that Jennifer possesses - her gift to be able to distill information and guide you through your emotional landscape - are the same irrespective of the method of communication (in-person or over the phone) - that's how amazing she is! ”

Deep Dive Client

“Jennifer has an innate ability to drop down into the present moment in session and ‘go there’. Her presence is palpable over the phone and she did a phenomenal job at bringing me into the moment; then it was a straight arrow right into the heart of my messy matter. In this 60 minute phone session, Jennifer led an intro meditation, led me into my stick lineage patterning - from my birth - and through to the other side into my greater understanding and deep felt healing, in 57 minutes! Jennifer does not mess around!! After a handful of other therapists/counsellors, finding and working with Jennifer has irrevocably changed my life. I am forever grateful for her continued work here on earth, she truly is one of a kind.”

Deep Dive Client

“Jennifer is a trained, experienced, highly skilled, compassionate woman with a tremendous capacity to heal, and I would love to have her in my corner while I dig deep to exorcise the last of the demons in my psyche, so that I may finally open up and move forward into a life of true freedom.”

Deep Dive Client

“Thank you for allowing me to heal with my trauma and put words and meaning to such challenges.”

Deep Dive Client

“I did a deep dive in my most recent therapy session with Jennifer and it moved me in profound ways. I didn't realize this process of healing and resolving traumatic memories or reprogramming false core beliefs imprinted at a young age was possible without doing EMDR. Since I have started seeing her again after a short break in therapy and since making significant changes in my life to return to my own spiritual path as well as deep diving with her, I have felt healthier than I have in years. It has been a relatively short period of time but I feel hopeful and like we have a clear course ahead. To be hopeful, in and of itself, is progress. ”

Deep Dive Client

“I understand that deep diving is eventually a tool I will be able to use on my own. At this time, I find the trust of relational healing work to confer its own benefits and am excited for what the future holds - something, as mentioned, I didn't even think was possible a short time ago. ”

Deep Dive Client

“As a Muslim woman, it has meant a lot to me to find a therapist whose modalities and methdologies do not contradict or negate my religious journey in any way. I feel like Jennifer has always, on the contrary, encouraged the repair of my relationship with my Deen, including championing consistent salat and intensive Qur'anic studies”

Deep Dive Client

What I Have Observed ...

Each Seeker is at a different phase with a unique soul-print. Diving in to the deep waters without assessing what skills they have learned, is akin to deep sea diving without the proper equipment and training.

Over the years, I have been paying close attention, with curiosity, as to why some people seem to heal faster than others; why some can tolerate a lot of emotional material, all the while, others cannot. Why for some it is so hard to change patterns and beliefs, and yet for others, a quick turnaround can do the trick. Neither is good nor bad, it is what it is. We arrive exactly where we are, in the moment we arrive, with the historical imprint we carry. So, we start there.

The key point: Some of us need more time preparing for deep inner investigation, whereas, others are ready for the next deep sea dive - they have had the training, they know how to put on the equipment, they can navigate the deep sea, and they know how to come up for air. 

This is why I created the Healing Blueprint. So that together, we can assess what you need for support to prepare for deep diving, as well, assess what phase of healing you are in. 

We begin our journey together using a tool I created called: The Healing Blueprint. 

You will receive a comprehensive report based on the information gathered with highlighted action steps to support your growth.

Pricing Options

Find the option that meets your financial needs.

Midwifery For The Soul Book Trailer