Hey Birth Keeper, How Trauma-Informed Are You?

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What is Traumatic Stress Injury?

As a Birth Keeper you hold both the glory and the gory of someone's process...

Simply stated, traumatic stress injury is a result of holding and witnessing 'crimes-against-wisdom' A.K.A moral injury. 

Moral injury is inflicted when you witness or hear about procedures, behaviours, or crimes that cause harm and go against your moral code - your heart code.

You felt powerless to do anything about the circumstance. You couldn't stop what was unfolding or you felt helpless to take away the pain in another. 

In other words: What was witnessed or listened to caused too much stress within your system (heart, mind, and body). 

Signs and Symptoms of Traumatic Stress Injury

As a helping professional, have you experienced any of the 7 D symptoms?

  • Depletion in energy and focus; exhaustion; flat

  • Dissatisfaction in vocation; energetically distant from client; lacking empathy

  • Denial that you are being affected; dark intrusive thoughts; cynicism

  • Disheartened; loss of hope or belief that people can change

  • Disbelief that good exist in the world

  • Disoriented; flooded with personal memories; overwhelmed by emotional material

  • Disbelief in your role and purpose; lack of confidence; guilt and/or shameful feelings

The Impact of Ignored Symptoms of STS?

When we push the signs and symptoms of STS down, ignoring them, eventually the following can result.

  • Crash

    The nervous system can only hold so much stress for so long eventually crashing energetically, emotionally, physically, and relationally. This crash slowly shows up as physical or mental sickness.

  • Quit

    With a crashed nervous system that is depleted of vital life force, many end up quitting or going on sick leave. They stop doing what they 'thought' they were called to do; what they loved doing.

  • Directionless

    Without the energy to serve in the ways that you were once inspired by, hopelessness and lack of purpose can creep in. This leaves you confused about your passion and purpose on this planet.

Hello, Nice to Meet You...

As your soulful guide into the territory of trauma-informed soul care, I would like to share a bit about my journey thus far

Jennifer Summerfeldt


Jennifer is a trauma-informed psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the field of maternal health and psychology studies. Jennifer holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology and certificates in Trauma Recovery and Grief Support Counselling. She was a student of traditional direct-entry midwifery for many years. Jennifer is the author of two published books: Healing After Birth and Midwifery for The Soul. Jennifer's motto is that trauma-informed care without SOUL is missing the mark; Let's bring soul back into the conversation around healing and psychology.

My Story ...

I am passionate about teaching trauma-informed SOUL care programs because I have been through the muck and yuck of restoring my heart, mind, and soul back to health personally and professionally ... And I want this for you!

Here is the truth, I was taken down fast and hard by the symptoms of compassion fatigue (burnout) as a practicing psychotherapist. Forced to stop everything. That meant: stop seeing clients; stop attending births; stop being creative; stop building a business; stop being of service; stop writing; and stop generating an income to care for my family. 

Not only was I physically sick due to a compromised immune system, I was forced to look at the remaining unresolved trauma from my past that was contributing to the crash.

I was officially SOUL sick (for the second time around). 

I knew that the terms: compassion fatigue and burnout, did not do justice to what I was experiencing. As a trauma-informed Psychotherapist and previously, a practicing Doula and Traditional Birth Attendant, I had held a lot and witnessed a lot. 

Like you, I thought I was invincible to what I was witnessing, hearing, and holding. 

I believed that if I was serving and living my passion that I would have unlimited energetic resources and thus, could handle anything and everything - Can you relate? 

Well, I was wrong. 

A traumatic injury, when left unresolved, depletes you (to be frank, it guts you).

I learned that as a helping professional I am not magically protected from 'catching' a traumatic stress injury - nor are you. 

Worse off, because I had already healed from PTSD, I had a vulnerable nervous system. Like with any injury, if you jump back in too fast, too soon, you are at risk of re-injuring. 

This is exactly what happened to me: I dove in too fast and too soon, without nourishing my energy reserves. 

And the result? 

A collapse of the nervous system, immune system, mental system, heart system, and SOUL system. 

Burnout is NOT what is really going on underneath the surface; Burnout is a nice word that lessens the blow of how debilitating traumatic stress injury can be. 

Look, I really don't want you to be gutted emotionally, energetically, financially, relationally, and soulfully. So why wait until the symptoms are bad enough for you to 'relate' to what I went through? 

Start now, by learning how to prevent a traumatic stress injury from setting in AND (L)EARN the art of holding space for your clients! 

I have poured my knowledge, wisdom and soul into developing trauma-informed SOUL care programs and a Deep Dive Signature System that not only teaches you about trauma-informed soul care, but supports you to do the deep work to nourish, strengthen, and replenish your inner reserves so that you can continue to hold space for healing and transformation. 

If you want to learn more about my journey and professional credentials CLICK HERE >

As a Member of the Nervous System Informed Perinatal Program You Will Learn ...

  • The neuroscience of trauma-informed care

  • How to help a mother weave a birth story from traumatic to transformative

  • How to facilitate a safe foundation for emotional processing

  • How to prevent compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress injury

  • (L)EARN the art of holding space

  • How to lead with the heart

Nervous System Informed SOUL Care Lessons

10 Modules to Deepen Your Knowledge and (L)EARN the Art of Holding Space

  • 1
  • 2

    Getting Started

    • You are in! Now what?

    • Reflective Questions for Welcome Module

    • How Trauma-Informed Are You?

    • Trauma-Informed Soul Care - Mini e-Book

    • 5 Key Ingredients to (L)EARN the Art of Holding Space

    • Intro Module Assignment

  • 3

    Setting the Stage for Integration and Healing

    • Intro to Module One

    • On Healing and Safety

    • Inside Out Tools for State Regulation

    • Guided Imagery - Getting Rooted

    • On Grounding - Reflective Exercise

    • Guided Imagery - Calm Place

    • 'Tapping' and Inner Resource Development - Video

    • Guided Process - Connecting to Inner Resources

    • EXTRA RESOURCE - Butterfly hug, Tapping, and EMDR

    • Reflective Questions for Module One

  • 4

    Trauma-Informed Care

    • Welcome to Trauma-Informed Care Module

    • Trauma-Informed Presentation for Birth Professionals

    • For Mothers - What Is Trauma-Informed Care?

    • For Mothers - Did I Have a Traumatic Birth Intro Video

    • For Mothers - Were You Negatively Impacted by Your Childbirth Experience?

    • For Mothers - BirthMARQ Assessment

    • Guided Meditation - Connecting to The Three Brains

    • HAB - Introduction to Trauma

    • HAB - Introduction to Trauma (PDF)

    • HAB - Trauma and Therapeutic Activities Explained

    • The History of PTSD

    • Peter Levine - How Does Trauma Get Trapped in The Body

    • Hand Model of the Brain - 3 Parts of Brain

    • Dan Siegel - Flipping the Lid

    • Van Der Kolk - Three Ways Trauma Changes the Brain

    • Penny Simpkin - Birth Trauma

    • Gabor Mate - On Trauma

    • Building Better Brains - Alberta Family Wellness

    • The Resilient Brain - Alberta Family Wellness

    • Module Two - CLOSING SURVEY

  • 5

    Scope of Practice and Safety

    • Welcome to Module Three - Intro Audio

    • Welcome to Module Three

    • What Is a Scope of Practice?

    • Video - Doula and Scope of Practice

    • Doula Canada - PPD Scope of Practice

    • Role and Scope of Doula

    • Reflective Questions - On Scope of Practice

    • Reflective Questions - On Emotional Support

    • What is Informed Consent?

    • Reflective Questions - On Informed Consent

    • Video - Ethics and Doula Care

    • Video - When a Doula Witnesses Discrimination

    • Video - Abuse in Birth

    • Module Three - CLOSING SURVEY

    • PODCAST - Boundaries in the Birth Room with Hermine Hayes-Klein

  • 6

    Emotional intelligence and the Window of Tolerance

    • *Audio* Introduction to Module Four

    • *Text* Introduction to Module Four


    • The Window of Tolerance Explained

    • Dysregulation Chart

    • Mindfulness of The Window of Tolerance

    • Dan Siegel - Flipping the Lid

    • Dan Siegel - Name It to Tame It

    • Helping Clients Come Back to Window of Tolerance

    • The Polyvagal Theory Explained


    • The Science of the Heart

    • Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

    • Mysteries of the Heart

    • Resilience, Self-Regulation, and HRV

    • How to Harmonize the Heart

    • Heart Coherence Meditation

    • EXTRA READING: Science of the Heart


    • *Audio* Sensations, Feelings, and Emotions

    • How to Use Feelings and Needs List?

    • Needs List

    • Feelings List

    • Module Four - CLOSING SURVEY

  • 7

    *BONUS* Deep Dive Signature System

    • PART ONE - Extra Resourcing Activities

    • Belonging and our inner community

    • Inner 'round table' guided exercises

    • The round table handout

    • Inner Child Guided Journey

    • Reflective exercise - A Love Letter

    • Exploring your inner community - Handout

    • PART TWO - Introducing Deep Dive Signature System

    • Intro Video - 10 Step Process

    • E-Book - 10 Step Process: How To Get Into Your Heart and Out of Your Head

    • Deep Dive Workbook

    • Guided Audio - The Deep Dive Process

    • Module 5 - CLOSING SURVEY

  • 8

    The Art of Holding Space for Healing and Integration

    • Audio Introduction to The Art of Holding Space

    • Text Introduction to The Art of Holding Space

    • Video - The Wheel of Awareness

    • Guided Meditation - The Wheel of Awareness

    • Video - What is a healthy mind

    • Video - Power of Thought and Mindfulness

    • Audio - Breath Awareness

    • Video - Healing Past with Presence

    • Mindfulness Apps and Tools

    • Handout - About Mindfulness

    • Handout - Tools for Mindfulness

    • Reflective Exercise

    • Extra Resource - The Present Moment

    • Module Six - CLOSING SURVEY

  • 9

    Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, Secondary Traumatic Stress Injury

    • Introduction to Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and STS injury

    • Audio - Personal Story About Moral Injury and STS

    • Outline of Video Presentation

    • (Video 1) Secondary Traumatic Stress Injury and Compassion Fatigue

    • (Video 2) What Is a Crime-Against-Wisdom and a Moral Injury?

    • (Video 3) Healthy Stress vs Toxic Stress

    • (Video 4) What Gives Rise to Perception and Fosters Resilience

    • *Extra* video for review on PTSD

    • *Extra* video for review on survival response

    • *Extra* The Triune Brain Video

    • Reflective Questions

    • Burnout Assessment Tool

    • Module Seven - CLOSING SURVEY

  • 10

    Supporting the Postpartum

    • (Audio) Introduction to Postpartum Support

    • (Text) Introduction to Trauma-Informed Postpartum Care

    • Video - Regulation of the nervous system

    • Guided Exercise - Neurosensory Meditation

    • PART ONE - Resources for Families

    • Resource - Identify Pregnancy and Postpartum Stressors

    • Resource - Wheel of Stress

    • Audio - Thriving in The Postpartum

    • Audio - Pelvic Floor Health

    • Audio - Postpartum Mental Health

    • Resources - Global Postpartum Mental Health Support

    • Resources - Local to AB Postpartum Mental Health Support

    • BONUS - A New Perspective on Postpartum Struggles

    • BONUS - A New Perspective on Postpartum Struggles (2)

    • BONUS - A New Perspective on Postpartum Struggles (3)

    • BONUS - A New Perspective on Postpartum Struggles (4)

    • PART TWO

    • Assignment - Local Resource List

    • Reflective Questions

    • Module Eight - CLOSING SURVEY

  • 11

    Weaving the Birth Story - From Trauma to Transformation

    • (Audio) Introduction to Weaving the Birth Story

    • (Text) Introduction to Weaving the Birth Story

    • Hidden Agendas and Uncovering Biases

    • (MOTHER) Reflective Exercise - On Childbirth Trauma

    • (MOTHER) Narrative Exercise - On Doubt and Disappointment

    • (MOTHER) Guided Imagery - Building Compassion

    • (MOTHER) Reflective Exercise - Birth Story

    • (MOTHER) Reflective Exercise - New Birth Story

    • (MOTHER) Narrative Exercise - Embracing Yourself

    • Reflective Exercise

    • Module Nine - CLOSING SURVEY

  • 12

    Embodying the Role of Sacred Story Keeper

    • How Trauma-Informed Are You - Checklist?

  • 13

    Group Coaching Calls + Recordings

    • LIVE - JUNE 12 + 13 Virtual Retreat

    • October Monthly Call - A review of setting the stage for integration and healing

    • November Monthly Call - Discussion on how to integrate the material into practice.

    • December Monthly Call - Discussion on prolonged survival stress, challenges doula's are experiencing, and uncertainty during COVID times

    • Extra Reading Material and Resources

    • Informed Consent and Group Agreements


Additional content and support that you will receive

  • The Healing After Birth Online Program

    $249 Value

    You will receive BONUS access to the Healing After Birth Online Program for Personal and Professional use. You will be granted permission to use the content with your clients AND you will receive an affiliate link to sell the program to your clients. PLUS a copy of the Healing After Birth guidebook.

  • Virtual Two-Day Retreat

    $497 value

    You receive lifetime access to the online content PLUS two days of a virtual retreat. Together, we dive deep into embodying the content taught through the online program.

  • The Deep Dive Signature System

    $97 value

    You will receive access to my signature system - The Deep Dive process - so that you can personally work with any challenges, triggers, or stressors that arise throughout the program.

Sacred Story Keepers: Testimonials

Words from those who decided to dive in with full heart...

“The Sacred Story Keeper was somehow more than I anticipated it would be (and I had high expectations to begin with). I will use the tools and insight that I obtained so far not only in my doula practice, but when listening to the stories of trauma outside of birth.”

Sacred Story Keeper Member

“Learning about trauma-informed care one thing, unpacking your own story so you can be emotionally balanced for your kids and clients is very different. The in person portion allowed for a deeper invitation to unpacking my own trauma and recognizing the barriers and challenges our own clients may be experiencing when being faced with their own story. ”

Sacred Story Keeper Member

“Every type of birth and postpartum worker and persons who support families in these spaces, would both personally and professionally benefit from this program. I found so many aspects that will help me both personally and professionally. The in person portion and the people we met, and conversations we had, were absolutely invaluable. Jennifers vast knowledge in the area of trauma informed care is incredible to listen and witness, and be a part of her learning. ”

Sacred Story Keeper Member

“The Sacred Story Keeper workshop and training has helped me on a personal level to work through trauma and has given me the tools and resources to support my clients in my work as a Doula.”

Sacred Story Keeper Member

“I look forward to Jennifer’s mentorship as I work towards embodying the skills of a Sacred Story Keeper. Being able to listen deeply to families throughout the pivotal life event of birth, no matter how it played out, is support that is truly needed.”

Sacred Story Keeper Member

“The Sacred Story Keeper program has deepened my ‘head knowledge’ of trauma and has given me ‘body knowledge’ and experiential tools that I can bring directly and immediately into my acupuncture and doula practice. Jennifer is a gem - a true treasure in the birth world - and to learn from her in person has been a gift”

Sacred Story Keeper Member

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