Do You Want to Learn A New Perspective About Postpartum Mental Health?

Throughout this trauma-informed postpartum mental health video series you will gather information about the following:

  • Signs and symptoms of postpartum mental unrest

  • Contributing factors towards postpartum mental unrest

  • What happens to your mind and heart when there are unresolved stressors

  • Why a mental health diagnosis is not always the best option

  • What you can do to help restore your mind and heart

Course curriculum

    1. A message from Jennifer

    1. The Problem

    2. What is Contributing to The Problem

    3. Top 3 Factors That Influence the Problem

    4. What You Can Do About the Problem

    1. Checklist to Determine If You Were Negatively Impacted by Your Childbirth Experience

    2. Childbirth Stress and Postpartum Mood Disorders - Published Article

    3. Am I Ready To Heal

    4. Next Steps...

About this course

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  • 9 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Your Guide

Jennifer Summerfeldt


Jennifer holds an MA in counselling psychology and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor. She holds 20+ years of experience within the fields of maternal and childbirth health, psychology, and consciousness studies. She is passionate about finding ways to heal and thriving in life. Located in Canada, she uses her expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on nervous informed care, maternal mental health, and healing. Jennifer is the author of Healing After Birth and Midwifery for The Soul and has been published in numerous magazines, blogs, and podcasts. Jennifer is a proud mother of two adult sons, a teen daughter, and three adult step-sons. When asked what she is most proud of, she often says: ‘Finding my way through my healing journey, all the while, raising amazing humans and thriving in marriage’.

Healing After Birth Guidebook

Jennifer is the author, creator, and host of the Healing After Birth Guidebook, Program, and Podcast. Grab a copy of the guidebook if you have not done so already. "Jennifer has written from her decades worth of experience in the field, as well, as a mother to three. A pioneer in her field, her visionary work will move you! Healing After Birth is a powerful work of our collective herstory. Necessary, needed, and so next-level."