Dear Amazing Soul,

JS Coaching Transformational Programs are intended for personal growth and rapid healing, as well, to be an informative and inspirational experience. You will be guided through experiential processes that will help you process stressful emotions and thoughts. 

Jennifer does not provide medical or mental health diagnosis. For any medical and/or mental health concerns, beyond the scope of these programs, please consult with your physician and/or registered psychologist or psychiatrist for support.

By purchasing JS Coaching Transformational Programs you are agreeing to take accountability for your personal growth and transformational experiences. You understand that you are responsible for your wellbeing and emotional and physical safety. You will be given tools and instruction to learn how to process your emotions and challenging thoughts, as well, how to recognize the dysregulation of your system. 

The following modalities may be part of your experience: guided imagery, deep emotional and cognitive inquiry, mindfulness practices, therapeutic art activities, and belief reprocessing. 

Some of these processes can induce the following inner experiences: Increased emotional sensations, emotional triggers, activated memories, deep inner awareness, and rapid healing.

If you are currently diagnosed with a mental illness and feel overwhelmed by the symptoms, it is your responsibility to seek appropriate professional attention if you are having difficulty integrating any of the content from this program. By agreeing to this consent form, you are agreeing to take responsibility for your wellbeing at all times throughout the duration of this program.


Jennifer Summerfeldt, MACP, CCC